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When we say “Cultural Travels” we refer to visiting the hidden beauties of foreign lands instead of just the most popular tourist sites, and planned encounters with local people. Too often, we travel to places in the protective bubble of a mass-tourism program, isolating ourselves from local people, their history and their authentic values.

Our Cultural Travels are an excellent way to undertake serious self-exploration. In fact, by understanding and appreciating different cultures, our senses become more acute and we broaden our perspective about the quality of our own life.

Our Cultural Travels will leave you with much more than a typical holiday. You will gain a deeper knowledge of the world. You will get to experience life outside your familiar ”comfort zone”. It can be a life-changing experience, it doesn’t matter how old you are. 

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what our clients say about us?

“Hola Inge, We are back in town and I would like to compliment you from a cold Rotterdam on the excellent way you organized our visit to Málaga. The programme was a perfect fit and was also just enough for our spoiled club of gentlemen. I would also like to praise the “private chauffeur”. Nothing was too much for him and he was always friendly. Given the well occupied program, but also the various Semana Santa parades, we have decided to cancel the Hammam. No problema. On behalf of us all, thank you very much and good luck with your further activities in sunny Málaga. Saludos y un grande beso.”


“Hi Inge, We had a wonderful time in Malaga. The weather was amazing, of course we were all very much looking forward to it. The hotel was very nice, really good location and the works they were doing in front of the hotel didn’t bother us. The (bath)rooms were a little bit on the old side and could use a make-over, but the bed was comfortable and the shower had good water pressure. The personnel was very helpful and breakfast was very extensive. They even opened breakfast half an hour earlier when we were going to visit Granada on Saturday, so we could have our breakfast before leaving! Málaga is a beautiful city, very easy to get around, you do not need a map. The people are very open and nice. They always try to help you. Lovely terraces, bars, restaurants, but of course you don’t need me to tell you that!…………..”


“Together with Inge from Peach Travels I have compiled a road trip through Andalusia. And what was a special trip it was. Peach Travels knows Andalusia very well and has provided me with some very nice accommodations and contacts. In Ronda, we slept on a finca just outside the city. The view of the mountains and the cute white houses with fireplace were a perfect start to our trip! In the Alpujarras we drove on the crinkly mountain roads until we came to a lovely hotel where the hostess gave us a very warm welcome. The rooms are spacious and breakfast is very extensive. What a nice place in this mountain village. Perfect starting point for lovely walks or a visit to a local market. Finally we arrivated at a nice host family in Málaga. A private entrance, bedroom and bathroom, but with the coziness of having breakfast with our hostess. Very nice to practice Spanish and share travel stories! From here we made a trip to an orange farm. A place where Juanito and his family grow the tastiest oranges and lemons, we could also try them. Delicious fresh vitamins. 😉 Peach thanks for the great service and fine tips, it was a great trip.”

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